In synergy with Simon Et Membrez

Termibo?tes, headquartered in Courtema?che, was founded in 1991 by Michel Theurillat and Etienne Membrez, the former CEO of Simon et Membrez.? The company was partially integrated into Swatch Group in 2012, and later fully integrated in 2019.

The Termibo?tes plant is 1,200 m2 and, in addition to its close partner Simon et Membrez SA, also supplies other companies in the Swatch Group such as Manufacture Ruedin in Bassecourt.

The plant is fitted with a wide range of modern machinery, whose sole purpose is polishing.
The art of polishing is an essential tool for enhancing the aesthetic value of the high-end products manufactured by Swatch Group, and Termibo?tes has become a key player in that process.



Termibo?tes SA
D?s Innecé 2
CH - 2923 Courtema?che
Phone : +41 32 466 36 56